Compost Tumblers


Compost Tumbler advantages

Why I like compost tumblers:

1. Compost tumblers are nice looking. Neighbors and family members won’t complain about an ugly homemade compost pile or bin.

2. Compost tumblers are pest resistant. Dogs won’t get into your compost, or squirrels or raccoons or rats.

3. Compost tumblers are easy to keep aerated. You don’t need a pitchfork, or a compost turning tool. You just turn the composter or flip it over and your compost gets mixed.

4. Compost tumblers stay closed up. In hot weather, the compost stays damp longer and doesn’t dry out. In wet weather, the compost doesn’t get too soggy. Any smells stay inside the compost tumbler (although compost shouldn’t smell bad if you are doing it right).

5. Compost tumblers are simply more fun! Let’s face it, it’s kind of fun to go out and turn the compost when you keep it in a tumbler. It feels like you’re accomplishing something, yet it isn’t hard work.

6. Compost tumblers make compost faster. Honestly, if you make a giant pile of compost and keep it well stirred and aerated, you can get compost from a pile just as fast. But who has time for that? Using a tumbler makes the whole composting process easier.

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